When is TechComunidad™?

The River City Youth Foundation will be hosting the 2014 4th Annual TechComunidad event in Dove Springs on Saturday, November 15th, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 5209 S. Pleasant Valley, Austin, TX 78744. 

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Additional TechComunidad events, dates and locations are underway for future consideration in Austin and across Texas.


What is TechComunidad?

TechComunidad brings the power of technology to the doorsteps of the people in a community. This digital technology program is organized in the heart of a low-income neighborhood whose tech knowledge and access to technology is measured to be minimal.

TechComunidad begins with a mobilization day to kick off a free training and access program for the entire family. The kick off day consists of hands-on tech demonstrations and culturally relevant learning opportunities and training for parents and students. TechComunidad is designed to be a starting point for increased tech empowerment for families who need it the most.


What are TechComunidad’s Goals?

  • To increase the tech knowledge and empowerment of a community as a whole so as to increase its overall educational attainment and quality of life
  • To give every family in attendance immediate access to technology for the long-term
  • To improve a disadvantaged, low socioeconomic community’s connectivity.

What are TechComunidad’sFeatured Activities?

TechComunidad is a learning experience for parents and students who are less technology literate and who have minimal access to tech service and products. The kick off day’s activities include:

  • Bilingual digital media sessions on video gaming, social media, cell phone and web technologies
  • Hands-on, interactive demonstrations on how technology integrates with daily life
  • Culturally relevant info sessions for parents.

Please email hello@techcomunidad.com for more information.